Capture the Chief’s Bonnet

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The final competition of 2015 Indian Games

1- MOHAWK 2- Tuscarora 3- Onondaga 4- Cayuga 5- Seneca


Cayuga:  “It was really fun.  I’m not sure we did too well, but we did ok.”  –Wyatt15_flourhawk05

Mohawk:  “Our team worked well together.  We played good defense and did a lot of attacking.  It all worked out well and we had lots of fun.” –Talia

Onondaga:  “Oh, it was very, very fun.  Everyone was running; I freed a lot of jails.”  –Marin

Seneca:  “Our team worked well at defending.  We did the best we could but the other tribes did well too.”  –Lily

Tuscarora:  “I got to play defense and offense.  The ‘Tuscy’s’ kept the flag in the last game.  Everyone helped us to try to win and everyone was excited.”  –Ethan G


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