Another Day, Another Finish

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The photos above were sent just minutes ago from the summit of Mt. Colden, where today15_makalufinish01 senior section camper Makalu became an Adirondack Forty-Sixer.

Joining Makalu on the finishing hike were counselors and campers, along with his sister, Elsa, and his father Michael, who became a 46er at camp in 1981.

When asked his favorite part of the day, Makalu said unequivocally, “reaching the top!”  At the summit, he reveled in the traditional baby food chug, shown in this video:

Makalu actually sampled two different flavors, one he said was OK, and the other was “really sweet and really gross.

To offset the baby food, the climbers were also treated to grilled steak, among other delicacies.

Upon his return to camp, Makalu was given the usual hero’s welcome, as seen in the following clip:

More pictures appear below.  Makalu says that even though he’s now a 46er, he loves hiking “and I’m going to still climb.”  (See complete camp 46er roster HERE)


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