The MacCready Horse Show: Part 1

15MacShow104Rain and thunderstorms threatened to cancel the biggest horse show of the first session, but after waiting things out, Pok-O-MacCready’s riders were able to take to the ring late Sunday morning and successfully take part in the 49th annual Camp MacCready Horse Show.

“The kids, horses and staff were all very patient in waiting things out,” camp riding director Sue Bagli.15MacShow109  “The parents too,” added Bagli of the dozen or so spectators who held over from Saturday’s visiting day, in order to watch their children ride.

And it was the presents of her parents that made one rider perform better, in her mind.  “”It was my third show ever, all at camp,” reported Tamrin.  “It was so fun having my family watching.  I wanted to do well for them, and I think I was more relaxed because they were there.  And, I won my first ever blue ribbon, which surprised me and made me really happy!”

15MacShow110Tamrin was one of three division champions on the day (SEE FULL RESULTS), as she was joined by Cate, Tess, Alexis and Santiago.  “It was my first horse show,” said Santi, one of the few boys riders to capture a champion ribbon during the 21st century.  “At first, I was nervous, but my friends were there, which made me relax.  Also, the environment was good, and the food and soda were cool!”

“It was my 7th show competing, but my first at camp” reflected Alexis.  I was in the advanced walk-trot class… and I was confident, not nervous.  I was riding Bailey, and when it was over, I 15MacShow105wasn’t sure how I had done, so (when they announced the blue ribbon) I was really happy!”

Head judge Leah Green man singled out the Cross Rails class for their “excellent display of horsemanship.  The riders (Cate, Sophie, Sarah) were both supporting each other and coaching one another.”

This marked the final show for the first session of camp.  Riders having through the seven weeks, along with those arriving for session #2 have two more competitive events, including the Big MacCready, scheduled for August 9.

See full lineup of riders HERE


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