The Forty-Sixer Madness Begins!

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Sunday morning, on the summit of Phelps mountain, C.I.T. camper Maddie A completed her ADK-46ers.  For those of you readers that have been lost in the high peaks for awhile and have 15_MaddieFinish04no idea what we are talking about, a 46er is someone who has climbed the highest mountains in the Adirondacks, most of them over 4000-feet in elevation.

For her ultimate climb, Maddie was joined by her close camper friends, her sister, Talia, and her parents, Barb and Andy.  “They starting climbing before us and were on top when we got there,” Maddie said of her parents.

For the climber of honor, the best part of the day was “being on top with all my friends, and all of the food.”  Among the food was the traditional jar of baby food.  “It was carrot flavored, and it tasted pretty much as you would expect it too.”

Maddie climbed her first mountain, Big Slide, in 2009, yet it wasn’t until recently that the fever 15_MaddieFinish03really hit.  “I didn’t really think it was possible until last year, when I hit a turning point and it no longer seemed like a far goal.”

Maddie becomes Pok-O-MacCready’s 377th known 46er (see roster), with senior camper Makalu in line to complete his quest later today, and several others on tap for the final week of session #1 at camp.  (See full list of camp wilderness trips).


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