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15_2ndShiner13The second Moonshiner of the summer was held a few nights ago on the Nevin Whiteley Memorial stage at Robinson Hall.  The skits were judged by a panel of stuff members who placed a high emphasis on the humor of their reviews, and virtually no impartiality on the qualities of the acts, as every camper performance was appropriately deemed outstanding (photos below).

The audience was impressed as well, with big ovations going out to all of the performers; the most thunderous perhaps reserved for Intermediate camper Lucien, with his original rap song.

Hit the READ MORE link to see the lyrics, as well as view pictures and a video of the Moonshiner.

Pok-O Hype
         – by, Lucien A

Feelin’ the Pok-O Hype
Stay tuned up way into the night.
Lights out, all’s quiet
But I stay hyped and never stop trying.



Wash your hands and go up the hill,
It’s killed, now you gotta fill it.
Go back down for inspection,
clean you cabin and polish up your section.

Get above and head to classes,
go to blacksmith and make some glasses.
Go hit lunch and slurp the bug juice,
get in the zone and build the hype up to the roof.

Feelin’ those Indian Days, ‘Dagas, Tuskies, and Mo’,
but none of them come close to my javenei pro*

Get some dinner, brownies for dessert,
I want the kitchen crew ’cause there’s no better brownies on earth.

Pok-O’s the best on the planet,
we’re too hot, we’ll rap your sight,
I think I’ve made my point,
I think I’ll drop this mic.

*made up word to mean “awesome”

More photos in the gallery and CLICK HERE to watch a video.


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