a Tale as Old as Time: The 111th Counselor Play!

DSC_7727bYesterday evening, after bidding farewell to family and friends, the campers were treated to an annual highlight of the summer:  the Counselor Play.  Dozens of staff members took to the stage to assume the roles of, well, each other.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent, and the camp-related inside jokes of the summer guided the script of this perennial comedy.

As the years go by at “Camp Porky-MacCrazy”, the characters in the story sometimes change but the main components of the plot stay pretty much the same:  evil forces plot to ruin camp, chaos ensues, the Keeseville Detective is put on the case, the Laundry Men have a wrestling match, Grandpa still wants his dinner, and Blue Boar saves the day.

This year’s story line, the “North Country Escape” follows two rebel pigs who are on a rampage after stealing art supplies.  Several things start missing around camp and no one, including the Keeseville Detective, can bring an end to the swine crime.  That is, no one except for Blue Boar, the ogre who lives in the woods that surround Camp Porky MacCrazy.  In a final slow-motion feat of strength, Blue Boar storms the stage and restores the balance.  During the final announcements of the day, the last rogue pig is caught…and Camp goes back to “normal” (or, as “normal” as Camp Porky MacCrazy can be!)

If you’re a bit fuzzy on the details, don’t worry…so are we!  Through the duration, the campers roared with laughter (and held their noses during Grandpa’s Dinner…a perpetually “stinky” scene!)

Check out a few photos from last night’s production:


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