Class Profile: The Hills are Alive with….

15musicclass06The sound of music is ringing louder than it has in many years at camp.  With two full classes, a total of 34 campers are taking music class during the first session.  And they are doing it for a variety of reasons.

“I play piano at home, but now I’m learning how to play guitar here, and I enjoy learning something new,” says Silas.  “I like music,” adds Papouto, “and although I’m mostly a beginner, I like the class because it gives me time to play.”

15musicclass02On the other end of the spectrum, Sam L has been playing guitar for several years, but “I’m hoping to master it better.  And I like learning new songs.”

Guitar is far from the only instrument ringing out from the Master’s Lodge porch.  “We have drums, woodwinds, vocalists, keyboard players and A LOT of ukuleles,” said Tim Singer, one of five different staff members teaching the class.  “We divide the kids up by instrument, and skill level, as well as by what they want to do, like learn new things or just have a sing-a-long.”

“Last year I learned how to play a drum solo of a Foo Fighters song,” said Niall of his instrument of choice.   “I wasn’t so good back then, but I practiced over the year and now I can15musicclass03 play it almost perfectly!”

With a scenic location overlooking Long Pond, music class “is a chill class,” according to Jacob F.  “You can come to learn, and just hang out with friends.”

Caroline C is a first year C.I.T. attending class as both a student, and a T.A.  “I take it every day because I love to be around all the people, and create new things.  I like teaching people music, and learning from them at the same time.”


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