A Step Into History: The 1812 Homestead

Our most recent class/activity profile, by Pok-O reporter Chris Brakey

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P15homestead11ok-O-MacCready has been around for quite awhile– 111 years to be exact, but even before that, there was the 1812 Homestead.  Campers have the chance to re-live that history every day during classes.

Less than a mile from the boy’s camp, the Homestead houses pigs, sheep, and chickens (“I like hanging out with the animals”, says Eliza), along with having some really old buildings, some of which – legend states – are haunted!

“They had to do a lot of stuff manually back then,” explains Sarah, “so we learn how to do that stuff too!”

Campers look after the animals, cook their own food, and do cr15homestead04eative practical things like spinning sheep’s wool and dying candles with berries.  “We made bug spray, jam and biscuits,” said Sasha, “which is something I had never done before.”

Homestead instructor Alysia Wakeman is also very excited about the class.  “These are things nobody really does anymore, so I can learn all of these projects, just as the campers are.  It’s a lot of fun!”

In true Pok-O-MacCready fashion, the Homestead experience gives campers a taste of history, while affording an incredibly unique opportunity to learn new skills.

Read more about the 1812 Homestead (and plan a visit yourself) HERE.


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