Tough Day on the Soccer Pitch

In historical terms of inter-camp soccer, it was a rare off-day for the Pok-O boy’s teams.

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At Lincoln:  The younger team, made up of Intermediates, suffered a 7-0 shutout loss to Camp Lincoln.  Nikolai, clearly the star for the visitors, had several close chances, but his shots were 15LincSocc14just missing the mark.  “It wasn’t that frustrating because they had a lot of good players.”

Noah G, who played goalie for Pok-O, concurred.  “They (Lincoln) were amazing.  They just kept crossing it back and forth until they found the shot.  It was fun for me, because of all of the action, but I’m surprised we got shut out.”

At Pok-O:  A pair of late goals by the Pok-O seniors were but a small attempt to come back from a Lincoln squad that had built up a big lead.  The visitors won 7-0.

Sam L, Aaron W, and Thomas B shared the goalkeeping duties for Pok-O, with the home goals being tallied by Santiago and Papouto.  “I dribbled by tw15LincSocc06o players nd then kicked it with my left foot,” said Papouto of the goal.  “But, they were much better at passing then we were.”

Santiago’s goal was the result of nice teamwork, as June passed to Damien, who set up Santi for the score.  “I had an open goal to kick it across.”

With soccer rematches scheduled for this Friday, Santiago sees Pok-O’s late surge as a positive.  “This was our first time playing together and we started getting it together late (in the game).  I think we can play well Friday!”

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