I Wrote This On a Hike (counselor poem)

Original composition read aloud at this past Sunday’s vespers service:

TylerReads      precamp_hike02

“I Wrote This On a Hike”
I wrote this on a hike,
but the words never left my head
‘till I laid back at camp on my dirt covered bed

Hike stank, stuck on skin
like mud caked on boots;
even a good wash won’t knock loose

I w2ndDayHike07rote this on a hike when legs, fatigued,
whispered softly, “stop please!”
It’s so much more comfy on this bed of moss and leaves.

Yet, our minds wouldn’t listen, despite the sweat drop glisten,
and onward we went, driving our knees.
Over branch and boulder, a motivating melody on my shoulder.

Laughter, chatter and ridiculous riddles.
Soon, trees grew short, patience eroded.
And we exploded onto the peak without a single sight to seek

I wrote this on a hike.2ndDayHike01 (1)
Trotting down dead leaf and twig roads.
When a bunch of black and brown butterflies bounced by,
making miles and time fly.

Back over branch and boulder,
quiet voices on my shoulder.
‘till boot me gravel at the parking lot under the peaks.
When we were here last… it felt like weeks.

I wrote this on a hike,
but not ‘till back at camp on my bed covered in dirt.
Dirt and words,
all that’s left,
besides sweaty shorts and shirt.

Tyler Downey, Advanced Section Counselor




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