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In our latest edition of our Class Profile series, Chris Brakey focuses on the age old camp activity of Archery.

There are many classes at Pok-o-MacCready that campers would normally never be able to take (in the outside world), and one of the best examples of these is Archery.  Campers use a variety of different ArchClass07bows to shoot at three circular targets, aiming from 15 to 50 yards away.

Archers work up the ranks as they get better and better, until they eventually reach the coveted position of American Archer.  Less than 25 camp people have ever become American Archers.  “You feel like Robin Hood” says experienced archer Amelia, who is aiming (from 40 yards now) to become an American Archer.  “I’m not a huge fan of hiking, so it’s something big to work towards aside from just becoming a 46er”.

You don’t have to try to become an American Archer to have fun in the class, however.  IsaiahArchClass02 explains how “it’s a lot of fun learning all of the angles to shoot with and how to do it”, and Leonard adds in that “I’m not too skilled at it, but it just feels cool!”  Even just waiting to shoot can be fun, Nikolai says, “because you can just talk and hang out with your friends”

Archery is a class that demands patience and skill, but offers a lot of fun in return.  Class instructor Dylan Bronstein believes that “the art of archery should not be lost to the passage of time.”

And that art is still alive and thriving here at camp.


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