Big Blue Weekend

One day after winning the MacCready Rolas competition, the Tuscarora came out on top again with a victory in the boy’s Great Indian Boat Carnival.  With the Cayuga also finishing second for the second consecutive day, the two tribes are tied for the lead in the overall Indian Games competition.

The boat carnival – a perfect event to hold on a steamy summer day – is made up of several races, some based on speed, others on strategy:


It was the final event, the canoe to Bird’s rock and back, that sealed it for the Tuskies.  James S. sat bow for tribal chief Damien in the stern.  “Our plan was to put strength in the front, and control in the back, and it worked,” said James of the tribe’s relatively easy win.

“We did well as a team,” Damien added.  “Everyone was really suited well for their event.  Everyone gave 100%, and it all came together.”

“It was fun,” claimed first year Tuscarora Yuri, who was in the Pioneer rowboat with separate15IndBoat14 oars event, “even though it was really hard to paddle and we kept turning.”

Following the top two tribes – in 3rd, 4th and 5th – were the Mohawk, the Seneca and the Onondaga.  “It was like a lot of guys on our team just forgot how to steer the boat,” said Onondaga Niccolo.  “But it was an awesome event; I liked it a lot!”

For Damien, the pressure is mounting with each tribal victory, as he looks to become the first person in the history of camp to be winning Chief in two consecutive years.  “It’s a bit daunting to think it’s never been done before.  I’d love to make history but we’ll just have to try our best and wait and see.”



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