Back in the Saddle

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“It was a little stressful… but very fun!”  – Sophie B

As usual, the summer’s opening horse show dished out a bit of drama, a bit of success, and a 15WH110bit of nervous excitement.

Held Sunday morning at Willow Hill Farm in Clintonville, NY, 15 Pok-O-MacCready riders competed in equestrian classes on the flat, and over jumps.  Four riders – Alexis, Sierra, Eliza and Kate – won blue ribbons.

“I was in the beginning walk-trot,” reported Alexis, who added a bit of historical perspective:  “I’ve done shows at home, but this is my first camp show.  It was a lot of fun because this was the same show that my mom got first for the first time, and now I got my first ever first!  Also, I love riding!”

Competing alongside Sierra in the highest class, cross-rails, proved to be quite an adventure15WH103 for Tess.  “My horse was acting up and it wasn’t listening to me.  So we switched out during the class.  Marvel for Winnie.  Winnie didn’t know how to jump so I taught her right there, and it worked.  It made the show very memorable!”

As this was the opening horse show of the season, it came with the usual rookie stories.  Elsa had a good one.  “I had only had two lessons.  I was really nervous because I had never trotted before.  But (fellow camper) Sophie P gave me a quick lesson, so I was able to do it during the class.  I was more surprised than anyone!”

The camp equestrian calendar continues next week with the first of two summer shows at Camp MacCready.  (See full show lineup HERE)


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