Out on the Trail


15nonis01One of the more ambitious wilderness outings so far this summer – the Santanoni Range trip – is still out on the trail but, thanks to the magic of wireless communication*, these images were sent to us from the summits of Santanoni, Panther and Couchsachraga peaks, not to mention the infamous “Couchy Swamp”, pictured below left.

As you can see, it’s a beautiful weekend in the Adirondack high peaks, as Pok-O-Maccready’s campers inch closer to becoming forty-sixers.


* when this writer completed his 46ers, many years ago, pictures were taken on top.  Four weeks later, the camera came home from camp.  Two weeks after that, the film was developed. Therefore, two months after finishing, the pictures were seen for the first time.  

Now, it all happens within seconds!




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