The Volleyball Masses


If you look out at the Camp MacCready ball field during any given morning at camp, you would not be blamed if you thought an all-camp big game was happening.

15volleyball07In reality, however, you are looking at just one class. Volleyball class. With 81 total campers (over 4 periods)… and growing.

In fact, the volleyball program at Pok-O-MacCready has been growing ever since boy’s camp Headmaster Josh Bornt began teaching the sport at camp, 15 years ago. “It’s the perfect activity for camp,” says Bornt, a longtime volleyball coach and club player. “Kids get to learn skills, they improve quickly, and they have a lot of fun with a coed group.”

Bornt is not concerened about the huge numbers of kids that take the class, and apparently the campers don’t mind either. “There are different levels for different kids,” says 16-year old Spencer L. “A lot of them are just beginning, but others can do different things on one of the other courts. It’s an awesome sport, with awesome counselors.”

15volleyball01One of those counselors is Chris Papassavillou, a veteran of the California beach volleyball scene. He teaches the advanced volleyball class. “A lot of these kids have great potential. Many of them will be starring in high school, and some could even go on to play in college.”

Two first year campers – Gabriella and Carolina – come to Pok-O-MacCready from Puerto Rico, where they have played in junior national programs. “It’s fun here (at camp) because you don’t have the pressure from the coach,” said
Gabriella. “You can just play, and have fun, and not have anyone get mad at you!”

The 2015 "Pok-O Closed" tournament is scheduled for July 16

The 2015 “Pok-O Closed” volleyball tournament is scheduled for July 16

“I love that’s it’s a competitive sport,” adds Carolina, “but you also have fun on the court, and the support of your teammates.

By contrast, Anthony M plays volleyball exclusively at camp. “We have no boys teams at school where I live so this gives me a chance to learn a new sport from people who know so much, plus play competitively.”

In a country where basketball, baseball, football and soccer are the popular school sports, why is volleyball such a big hit at camp? “I just like how the sport is played. There is a lot of action. You know you’re always going to get the ball, with a chance to score,” concluded Joseph Z, who will unfortunately be leaving camp early. To attend volleyball camp!


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