Challenging Obstacles for Fun and Confidence

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Hidden in the woods, only a few minutes walk from the main Pok-O-MacCready campus, is 15lowropes10the low ropes course.  “95% of people who come to camp use our low ropes course,” claims camp Director Brian DeGroat, who would certainly know the figures, having been affiliated with either summer camp, or the Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center for much of the past decade.

The low ropes course features a variety of fun and creative challenges designed to promote teamwork, problem solving and enjoyment.  “It’s fun to walk along wire and do tough challenges,” said Jack C, while Lucia added that “It can be both easy and challenging at the same time.”

As for which obstacle is the camper’s favorite, the results are mixed. Lucia “liked the one where your partner had to be blindfolded.  It was hard because you have to tell them what to do.”

“I like the Pirate’s Crossing,” said Annie C.  “The bars are slanted, and you have to shi15lowropes07mmy across with nothing to hold on to.”

“The thing with two ropes to get across,” was what Andrew S liked best.  “Also, the one with the tire where you and your partner have to get to the other side.  I (successfully) did them all!”

The Bear Den, where campers must disappear into a small “cave” and find their way out, is always an intriguing puzzle.  “It’s dark and wet,” said Martin.  “At first I didn’t know how to get out!  But then I found the turn to the exit.”

The current low ropes facility is a second edition of what was originally called the confidence course.  The former name still applies today.  “It was hard,” according to Ruby.  “Lots of ropes and wires that you to work your way across.  I didn’t think I could do it, but I did!”



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