The Votes Have Been Tallied

Now that all of the new campers have been given tribal assignments for 2015 Indian Games, Thursday was the night where tribes elected their leaders.

15tribinit11Each tribe, by blind ballot, voted on Chiefs & Sachems; their assistants, along with Medicine Man and Woman.  “It’s definitely an honor,” remarked new Mohawk Chief Noah M.  “I’m excited to be chief because it’s something most everyone wants to do.”

Yet, at the same time, Noah is aware that “there is now a lot of pressure on me to help the tribe win, because we haven’t won Indian Games in 12 years!”  Noah’s Mohawk counterpart, Sachem Talia, agrees.  “I decided to run (for the job) because it seemed like it would be fun, but it’s a responsibility as well.  And I think I’m capable of it.”

Brennan, the new Chief of the Onondaga, is aware he has his work cut out for him.  “We 15tribinit06finished fifth last year, but I feel I learned a lot.  This year, I can use that knowledge to do the right things, and help the team work together.”

Damien, Chief of the Tuscarora will have the chance to be the first camper to ever repeat as Indian games champ.  Standing in his way will be Adam D, another re-elected Chief, who led the Cayuga to third place in 2014.  “This year there will be more of a focus on not wasting time. Also, we will be more experienced with our project and song writing skills, how to assign campers for events, and better preparation in general.

Election night is certainly the time for hope, with a cautious eye to the future.  “It’s seems exciting right now because we really haven’t played much yet,” said new Onondaga Sachem Sydney.  “But we may be feeling more pressure soon!”

“We are in first right now,” concluded Adam of his tribe’s win at the Great Indian Track Meet, “and I think we can definitely come in first this year!”

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