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While much class time, and plenty of section activities afford campers the opportunity to climb at Pok-O-Maccready’s impressive CRUX, it is on the real rock where climbers can best appreciate the thrill and challenge of their pursuit.

“The grips are different, the terrain is different, and there aren’t nearly as many holds,” claims Intermediate camper Dan M, a veteran of climbs both indoors and out.

Dan, and several other boys and girls had a chance to test out their rock climbing skills climbing02Thursday afternoon at Mount Pok-O-Moonshine, considered one of the best climbing walls in the Eastern U.S.

C.I.T. Caroline C has done some trips before, all with camp, and refers to outdoor climbing as “more natural, more strategic, and more fun.”

Above all else, rock climbing can put you above all else, both literally and metaphorically.  Will, another Intermediate, enjoys the accomplishment one feels while climbing.  “It was fun!  The challenges were hard, and when I fell I would keep trying.  When I actually finished (the route), it felt good.”

Pok-O-Maccreadr’s wilderness program plans to send out several more climbing trips during the course of the summer.  (More pictures in the gallery below)


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