the “other” Summer Camp Jobs: behind the scenes at Pok-O-MacCready

Summer camp jobs can be very demanding, and here at Pok-O-MacCready Camps, we have very high standards and expectations for our staff.  We are lucky to have about 100 of the best and the brightest educators, counselors, instructors, athletes, and administrators on our staff.  Campers really get to know their counselors, section heads, class teachers, and camp directors…but a few people they might not know as well are the people who keep camp operations running smoothly behind the scenes.

 Meet a few members of our support staff:


summer camp jobs - Greg

If you hear a tractor, you’ll see Greg Mele. He’s always working hard to organize inter-camp sports events and to make camp a more beautiful place.

Area of Pok-O Expertise:  Sports & Maintenance
Number of years worked at summer camp:  8
Title:  “I’m officially the ‘Sports Director’ by I’m also part of the ‘Beautify Pok-O’ Campaign.”
Spirit Animal:  the silverback gorilla

Greg really believes in the magic of what we do here at Pok-O-MacCready and is happy to return for another summer, humble in his service to camp, and enjoy this time with his three children Annika, Noah, and Maddy, who are all on our staff this year.  Greg is a teacher in Austin, while Annika, Noah, and Maddy are enjoying their summer camp jobs before transitioning to college in the fall.

His life motto:  “To spend my limited time with worthwhile people doing meaningful things….so that’s why I drive 31 hours straight from Austin, Texas to Pok-O-MacCready each summer!”


summer camp jobs - Shannon

Shannon is the “Mama Bear” of the kitchen crew. Here, she unwinds from a long day’s work by taking a swim with her daughter.

Area of Pok-O Expertise:  Kitchen Crew (“Fuel the Fun”!)
Number of years worked at Camp:  2nd year
Spirit Animal: a mama bear

Shannon is very nurturing, optimistic, and is sometimes referred to as the “Kitchen Mom”.  So, we were thrilled when she agreed to work on the kitchen crew for summer camp again this year.  During the year, Shannon is the head chef for the Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center, and the students who visit the Center RAVE about her food!  Letters of gratitude for her savory & creative meals have spilled in from across the country and even from across international borders!  As a summer camp kitchen crew member, she completes a range of summer camp jobs like serving as the weekend chef and kitchen assistant, prepping meals, serving food, cleaning dishes, etc.  One thing’s for sure:  she’ll always have a smile on her face as she’s doing it!

“My favorite part about working in the kitchen is seeing the kids get excited about camp and the food we serve them…especially the fireworks pudding we served on the 4th of July.”


summer camp jobs - Cole

Cole is a hardworking member of the maintenance staff, but in this photo he’s actually just clowning around.

Area of Pok-O Expertise:  Maintenance
Spirit Animal:  a dog

If it’s broken, he will fix it.  Cole first heard about Pok-O-MacCready Camps through the Patch Sprint Adventure Race.  When he walked into the pre-race breakfast and asked if any work was available for the summer, Sharp Swan conducted the interview right over his bowl of Cheerios.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Cole has been part of the Pok-O family for several years since and has helped out with many facets of the summer camp and the Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center.  He is a skilled carpenter, maintenance guru, and teacher…which means there’s PLENTY for him to do at Camp!  One of his favorite things about camp is the food…especially the vegetarian hot dogs.  He works with a great crew of maintenance staff, and they always seem to stay positive, even though their summer camp jobs can be quite challenging at times.

When asked which words of wisdom have helped motivate him, he simply replied:  “Just keep swimming.”


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Special thanks to Chris Brakey for special reporting for this article.


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