THE REV. WAR: In seven words (or less)

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In what seems (to some Americans) like the 239th year in a row, Great Britain has won the Pok-O-MacCready annual Revolutionary War game.

15RevWar20The event was originally scheduled, as per usual, for July 4, but afternoon thunderstorms forced a postponement until Monday.  With the improved (near perfect) weather, and a radical
rules change – the introduction of players wearing flag belts in place of the traditional “Caught, Caught, Caught” – the game was a wide open affair, with cities regularly changing hands.

Britain defeated the American colonists by a wide cumulative margin over the three battles but, judging by the reviews from the soldiers, the game was a blast for all!


Ethan G:  “Flour hawks flying past your head everywhere.”

Sophie L.:  “Thrilling, exciting and entertaining.”

Kevin Q:  “I got many flags.  It was fun.”

15RevWar18Isabelle:  “It was intense, Scary and Exciting”

Mike M:  “Best part was getting Chris Vonderlin out”

Anna H:  “Painful and confusing but exhilarating”

Alex B:  Flour hawks, base capture, Americans vs. British

Hayley:  “Exciting, active and fun; good memories”

Camden:  “Watching David slide through J.B.’s legs”15RevWar19

Sydney:  “Screaming loud as possible to distract others”

Dan M:  “Awesome base capturing plans with Miles C.”

Jenna:  “Fun.  Exciting.  Tiring.”

Sean T:  “Pegging Lodge and Pio’s with flour hawks.”

Talia:  “Good weather day to play a game.”

Peter B:  “Watching Toby capture Philadelphia over 14 times.”

Alexx:  “Best game of capture the flag ever!”

Brennan:  “Most fun I’ve had all year.”

Ruby:  “Fun, hard and awesome”15RevWar13

Santiago:  “It hurt, but it was really awesome.”

Sara S:  “Exciting, and I think we did well.”

Lucia:  “I stole a city for the first time.”

Silas:  “The Revolutionary War was revolutionary.”

Eliza:  “Confusing, a little tiring, and fun.”

George M:  I can’t wait for blue and gray!”

See plenty of more pics in the gallery, below, and check out a video compilation on our 2015 camp video page.


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