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One week after arriving, every camper at MacCready left camp Sunday!

It was all-camp trip day, an opportunity for every girl to explore the Adirondack wilderness.  Some hikers took on big mountain ranges; others cli15girlsdayhike09mbed individual peaks while still others hikers didn’t hike at all!

“We went to see all the signature places on the lake,” said Leah B, who was on the Long Pond Adventure trip.  “It was a beautiful day so you could see the reflection of the trees on the pond.  It was a fun, chill day.”

On the other end of the trip spectrum was a group of hardcore, hopeful 46ers who climbed the Lower Range Trail.  “I’ve been excited all year to get back to hiking,” said Maddie A., who now has 41 mountains, just five away from finishing.


Rattlesnake Mountain Hike


Maddie had strong company on the trip, with Sarah G (39 46ers); Remi (34); Sydney (31); 15girlsdayhike07Eliza (29); Jaida (27); Talia (23), and Anna H (14).  “I know I have a ways to go (to become a 46er),” said Anna, “but I caught the bug awhile ago.  I did Allen last year and, even though it was real hard, it was a lot of fun too.”

While all of the girls are excited to become 46ers, they are just as happy to simply be climbing.  “I’ve already done these four mountains,” said Sydney, “but I did it again because it was a good group of people and I knew it would be fun!”

(See a list of all camp trips – and mountains climbed – at our wilderness page.)


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