Checking out the Best

554323_1The photo, at left, is of professional equestrian Laura Chapot and her Irish sport horse clearing the final fence during the jump-off at Sunday’s I Love NY horse show in Lake Placid.

Chapot won the Grand Prix, aIloveNY07long with 22-thousand dollars.  Camp MacCready’s riders, pictured in all of the remaining shots, also had a rewarding day, as they got to witness show jumping at it’s highest level.

“The horses are huge,” remarked Piper upon viewing the competitors up close.  Aside from watching the show, campers go a behind the scenes look at the stables.  “There are a lot of people involved in just caring for one horse.”


However, Pok-O-Mac riders, who will soon be competing themselves, were most amazed by the ability of the horses and riders in the ring.   “I thought it was great; they jumped so high,” said Sierra.

“They were just amazing and the fences were real high,” raved Tess.  “It was really cool and fun to watch.”

Next weekend, camp’s horses and riders will travel to Willow Hill Farm for their first show of the summer  (see schedule).


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