Let’s Get Crafty

Note:  Throughout the summer season we hope to profile many of camp’s popular class activity programs.  Reporter Chris Brakey debuts with this feature on Crafts.  Look out for more class profiles in the days and weeks ahead.

There are many similarities between Crafts and other project-based classes such as Pottery and Drawing & Painting, but a lot of differences as well.


“I like crafts a lot because it’s not just doing drawings or painting”, said Maya, working hard on her pastel for the day’s project, “We make things too”.

The class before, campers made their own silly putty, and instructor Laura Potel (LoPo) has a lot more fun projects in store. “We’re working on making bouncy balls, doing a constellation project, and maybe even some mud painting” she shares excitedly.

A big factor in crafts’ popularity is the atmosphere it creates. Located in the Pok-O-Queen, theCrafts01
comfortable and cool capitol of Girls’ Camp, Crafts is a nice and quiet class where campers come to tone it down a bit. Sarah G likes Crafts because it is “very relaxing, but still a lot of fun”

LoPo looks to create an environment where everybody can have fun and be free to create, with no fear of failure. It is a low stress environment where campers can come to express themselves and hang out with friends. As Hailey says, “it’s just a really chill class”.


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