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Avalanche05“So much of wilderness appreciation is the ability to give back to the woods.”

The concept was not invented by Ken Ryba, camp’s longtime wilderness director, but Kenny makes sure to employ the philosophy each summer at camp.  One of the ongoing programs is the Adopt a Leanto project.  “Working with the Adirondack Mountain Club and the D.E.C. (Department of Environmental Conservation), we have adopted the leanto at Avalanche camps,” said Ryba.

This year’s project was to replace an old outhouse Avalanche04with a new one and to do it, Ryba brought in Pok-O’s most experienced hikers, members of the Advanced Section.

“It was pretty good,” said Chad, who simplified the process by adding, “first, we dug a hole.  Then, three or four people tore down and dismantled the old privy, while others built the new one from pieces.  Then, we placed it on the whole.”

Avalanche03While doing something beneficial for the wilderness, the boys also had a nice break from the usual pace of climbing several mountains in a day.  “It was surprisingly easy,” said Elrick.  “We thought it would take many hours, but we got it done pretty quickly.”

In fact, the guys had enough free time to climb Phelps Mountain, something that was not in the original plan.  “What I thought would be a weird trip, turned out to be pretty fun,” concluded Chad.

Joining Chad and Elrick on the trip were campers Ethan, Jacob, James and Patrick.  Pok-O-MacCready plans a few more wilderness projects later this summer.

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