School’s Out For Summer… (but not class)

ClassStart04Only six days after schools ended in New York State, instruction began again, this time at camp.

Also called “activities” to avoid the school connotation, morning and afternoon periods are more often referred to as “classes”, and the kids seem to be ok with it.

“It’s lots of fun,” raved Ben W.  “In Native Arts class, I liked discovering my spirit animal, and at Homestead, we looked at the plants and made bug spray.”

“Yeah, it was pretty good,” added Sasha T, regarding the 1812 Homestead class.  “We made the bug spray out of oils and witch hazel.  I liked that best, so far.”

Each morning the boys have three class periods, while the girls take two.  The afternoon brings two additional instructional periods for the girls.  The campers alternate their daily perSectionActs15iods between an “A-Day” and a “B-Day”.

“I have eight classes,” reported Juliette.  “Yesterday, in archery, I learned how to use a bow.  Today, I’m most excited for crafts.”

Despite rain, and a cool temperature for the opening day of classes, Niccolo “liked swimming the best.  It was really cold, and my legs felt like they had a hundred needles in them, but I fought (the cold) off, and had fun.”

Campers have the opportunity to make class changes, after which class schedules will be posted, soon, in our secure online parent section.  Also, look for new class pictures, to be updated throughout the session.


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