Earning Their Colors


Pok-O-MacCready’s 2015 Indian Days officially opened Wednesday night with the opening council fire.  Instead of the usual five groups entering the council, there were six at the start:

Following a dance by the “elder princesses” and a story about Native American spirit,  beliefs and traditions, the new campers were given their tribal assignments.

“It was exciting,” voiced new Mohawk, Sawyer.  “I liked when they were telling stories.  I hope we can do well and break the curse.”

15openfire10The curse, in which Sawyer speaks, is the fact that the Mohawk have not won the Indian Games overall title since 2003– the longest drought in the history of this biggest of camp competitions.  “I am most excited for all of the events, and the chance at winning,” said another new Mohawk, Logan, who called the council fire “cool and realistic.”

“It was good, and I liked the dancing and stories; I’m excited about Indian Days,” said Addie, who forgot what tribe she was assigned to!  For the record, it’s the Cayuga.

With the tribes now at full strength, it’s time to begin the competition.  For teams to do w15openfire03ell, “it will take a mix of both leadership and good athletes,” commented long-time Seneca Jaida.

“Looking at our tribe,” concluded Wyatt, a Cayuga, “we have a chance of winning.  Not definite, but I have hope!”

And hope is precisely what’s on the mind of all Iroquois braves and princesses, as the games begin for real Thursday afternoon with the boy’s Great Indian Track Meet, followed by Friday girl’s swim and boat carnival.

(See full schedule and tribal rosters HERE)


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