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The girls at Camp MacCready took advantage of the beautiful weather Tuesday morning to
hold the 49th annual Crazy Relay Races.  The purpose of the event is two-fold:  To gauge the MacRelays11abilities and spirit of new campers, in preparation for upcoming Indian Days, as well as have a fun, goofy, break-the-ice early season all-camp game.

The six teams of all age groups wore colors that clearly were designed not to conflict with Indian Games: Orange, purple, pink, white, tye-dye, and stripes.

“My favorite was Moby Dick, and the three-legged race, because I almost fell,” said Gabriella.  Other events included:  Dizzy Bat; Telephone; Walk-Tree-Bridge; Pass the Orange and Water Relay.

MacRelays03Other camper reviews:

Anna H: “I liked it when the lodge girls couldn’t walk because the flippers were too big. The counselors had to pick them up and carry them!”

Remi: “The Dizzy Bat. I ran away from my team… then fell… then had to have the CIT’s help me back!”

Faye: “It was awesome because it was our first nice day, and it was different. Even though our team didn’t do very well, everyone was supportive.”


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