Ask the Campers (6/30)

What are you most looking forward to at camp this summer?

Alex:  "Indian Days"

Alex: “Indian Days”

Martin:  “Archery and hiking.”

Martin: “Archery and hiking.”

Katie:  “Starting my classes.”

Katie: “Starting my classes.”

Ricky:  “Fishing”

Ricky: “Fishing”

Claire:  “Horseback riding and archery”

Claire: “Horseback riding and archery”

Henry:  “Tennis”

Henry: “Tennis”

Phoebe:  “Indian Days”

Phoebe: “Indian Days”

Gatling:  “having fun in classes, like archery.”

Gatling: “Having fun in classes, like archery.”

Eva:  “Archery and pottery.”

Eva: “Archery and pottery.”

Aaron:  “Ultimate Frisbee”

Aaron: “Ultimate Frisbee”

Victoria:  “Horsemasters”

Victoria: “Horsemasters”

Sasha:  “Doing an overnight hike.”

Sasha: “Doing an overnight hike.”



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