Camp Rules…. Made Fun

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The first all-camp coed activity took place roughly six hours into the camp season, as boys and girls gathered in Robinson Hall Sunday night for the 111th annual Sunday Fun Day camp orientation counselor skits.

After a brief lecture about camp history, from director Brian DeGroat, the nurses covered some important safety and health issues for campers; the drama instructors performed a “teaser” to promote interest in this year’s original camp production; and the wilderness and riding directors outlined camps’ most specialized programs.

funday04Then, counselors from the sections performed separate skits, each emphasizing a different camp rule, such as:  do not climb under cabins; no leaving a section or activity without permission; don’t throw rocks and sticks; make sure to drink water; and many others.

The skits proved both entertaining and informative for new campers and returnees alike.  “Some of them were kind of weird,” said Katie B, a new camper at MacCready.  “But mostly, they were funny and I learned a bit because they were so obvious (with their message).”  Added Will, a returning camper, “They were definitely funny, and the counselors were really motivated.”

Check out more staff and camper pics below, and look for video clips coming soon.



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