DOWN THE HATCH! Just one of Pok-O’s summer camp traditions

We love it when families share with us the ways in which they’re keeping the Pok-O Spirit alive at home during the year!  Today, Amy told us that she and her daughter started reliving one of Pok-O’s summer camp traditions at home:  toasting at the dinner table with tomato juice.  She wanted to know why we do this at Pok-O, so she got in touch with us via the Pok-O-MacCready Camps Facebook Page.

She asked:  “What’s the story behind the tomato juice toast? Piper and I started doing it at home.”

summer camp traditionsWe replied:  “Drinking a small cup of tomato juice at the banquet table (or at the family dinner table in your case) is one of Pok-O’s summer camp traditions that goes way back! Sharp Swan is best at telling the story, but I’ll try to recap it for you: Back in the day, tomato juice was considered a “treat”, so Sarah Robinson Swan (or, “Aunt Sarah”) decided it would be an honor best reserved for the end-of-summer banquet. No Pok-O banquet has truly commenced without first toasting to the glorious summer with a small cup of tomato juice in your hand! But remember…it’s not official until you say “DOWN THE HATCH!” Keep the Pok-O spirit alive by sharing your summer camp traditions at home!”

What are some of the ways you keep Pok-O summer camp traditions alive?  Share them with us on our Facebook page!


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