Farewell Fine Campers

farewell03   farewell04

We always thought that those days would last
And how we spent the whole night saying goodbye
Saying goodbye like it was the last time

From the song “Saying Goodbye”, by Every Avenue


farewell12Sofia:  “The place to be”

Lili:  “A second home”

Emma:  “Incomparable”

Lucy:  “Where my family is”

Kelsey:  “Awesome”

Katya:  “The best place in the world”

Hannah and Dakota:  “A giant jar of Nutella”

farewell11Lauren:  “A fun, new experience”

Remi:  “Fun”

Tatym: “Awesome”

Erin:  “The best place in the Universe”

Sophie:  “The most amazing time of my life”

Max:  “The best experience I’ve had in my life”

farewell13Niall:  “The greatest place in the Universe”

Laurence:  “Home”

Kevin:  “Home away from home”

John:  “Love”

Lucien:  Home”

Theo:  “Fun”

Noah:  “Life”

Daniel:  “Best thing ever”

Ricky:  “Awesome”

Josh:  “Over”


farewell06   farewell02

I wouldn’t trade our time together, wouldn’t trade for anything

Cause nothing else here in the world can bring the happiness you bring

-Tim McMorris:  “Overwhelmed”





Pok-O-MacCready Camps
1391 Reber Road, Willsboro, NY 12996

Located in New York’s Adirondack Mountains

[email protected]

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