Greek Games: Day #2 Events

14Odyssey04The Odyssey:

Like Homer’s epic tale, the participants in Tuesday morning’s Greek Games Odyssey had to travel far and wide, performing feats brave, daring and challenging, in order to find their way home.

Troy took first place in the quest, on their way to a successful day that would lead to the overall Greek Games title.

Below are some pictures from Tuesday’s game, and click on the read more link to see more from the final day of Greek Games events.

PP_War04The Peloponnesian War:

The climactic finish to Greek Games is a four-sided capture-the-flag game, with several other twists, played in the open field in full view of everyone.

Much of the game was spent with three City-States – Sparta, Athens and Argos – ganging up on Troy in a late effort to wrestle the Greek Games title.  In the end, all the water balloons, flour hawks and “caught-caught-caught’s” could not  slow down the Trojans, who went on to win both the battle, and the war.

See a selection of war pics below, and check our online gallery soon for many more Greek Games photos.


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