The Trojan War

14trojanwar09Campers from the four City-States barely had time to recover from Monday afternoon’s Olympiad before heading back into competition at the 110th annual Greek Games Trojan War.

The Trojan War is based on the camp game Black Line, which itself is a creative derivative of the ubiquitous game of Dodgeball.  Using both balls and spears (noodles), soldiers tried to knock opposing players out, while also attempting to knock down the Trojan horse.

The game was, appropriately, won by Troy, who tied with 14trojanwar07Sparta for the victory.  (See full Greek Games results HERE).  “We just tried to play hard and have fun,” said Jackson, who is in his fifth year with Troy and has won Greek Games once but “we’re doing pretty good this year.”

“We didn’t really have any strategy,” said Spartans June and John L.  “We’re just trying to do our best!”  Olivia P said that “We did well, plus we had great spirit.”  And Wyatt D may have had the most satisfying take on the evening:  “I hit my sister on the foot with a ball.  I always wanted to hit her with something!”


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