Let the Games Begin

Olympiad042014 Greek Games opened up Monday afternoon with a brand new event:  The Olympiad.  For a first time endeavor, the event got mostly positive reviews from the athletes of Argos, Athens, Sparta and Troy.  “It worked out pretty good for a first time,” voiced Brandon H.

“I did the marathon, which was quite tiring,” said Lili, “but the whole event is a great idea.”

In an Olympics featuring running, throwing, jumping and a city-state cheer, the marathon was the signature event.  The race, staged as a relay and not quite covering the requisite 26.2 miles, was won by Papouto and Eve from Athens.  “My strategy,” said Eve, “was to lightly jog the whole way, so I could stay strong.”  Papouto concurred:  “We tried to conserve out injury at the beginning to save it to the end.”

Other events included the hammer throw, shot put, discus throw, javelin, 100-meter Olympiad16dash, hurdles and relay.  “I did the shot put, hurdles and relay,” said Caroline.  “I did the 100-meter hurdles and running race and did OK,” said Megan. “For the first time, it (The Olympics) was OK.  It can get better.”

A lot of campers are already coming forward with suggestions on how to improve for next year.  “Too much running,” reviewed Amelia.  “It puts you at a disadvantage if you don’t like to run, or are no good at it.”  Jeremy added that the Olympics were “pretty fun, but a little all over the place.  Maybe next year they should also have a triathlon.”

In the end, the young Olympians had a good time, on a warm sunny afternoon, and Alberto got to the pulse of what the event was really about:  “The races were good, my teammates did well, and I had fun with my friends.”

Sparta took first place at the Olympiad.  See updated Greek Games results and City-State team photos and roster HERE


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