Wisdom From Our Oldest Camper

At last Sunday’s all-camp service, five-year old, first-year camper Owen read an original poem about what camp means.  In a fitting juxtaposition, at last night’s final summer service, veteran Advanced Section member Chris B, 16, in his last year as a camper, shared his feelings about this special place.
Below are some excerpts.

ChrisBThis next year of my life will probably involve more change than I’ve seen in a while… In a week I’ll be leaving this place forever as a camper.  In the past seven years, this place has seen me make some of the most significant growth I’ve done in my entire life.

Just a few days ago, on Super Marcy, as we made our last push up the mountain, I legitimately started crying.  I felt like the trip represented a much larger part of my life, and that when we reached the top it would be over.  But, when I finally got to the top and saw what there was to see, I told myself that I wouldn’t be sad about it anymore.

I guess, being afraid of your future is like counting the mileage on a long hike.  You can calculate it all you want, but sometimes you have to forget that and just walk.  In my eyes, so long as you always work on bettering yourself and those around you, things will turn out all right.

So, thank you all, very sincerely.  It meant a lot to me.


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