TRIP REPORT: SuperMarcy Expedition #3


A trip report from group #3 on this year’s SuperMarcy expedition…as told by Dean P.


Super Marcy 1DAY 1:

“They started off the hike in high spirits. They walked down past Sugarloaf Mountain and to the first set of logging trails. The campers started off the fun with getting all the way down to 0 (zero) bottles of Dew (as in Mountain Dew) on the wall. As the day went on, logging trails turned in to highway and speed was declining throughout. They stopped about 10 miles in for a much needed lunch and snack break at Vaughan’s Corner Market. Some of the campers decided to spend a few dollars and purchase some potato chips, beef jerky, etc. They still trudged on knowing that they still had 16 miles to go. As they covered 6 more miles of open road they approached the next challenging part of the hike: the second set of logging roads. It was just plain long and hard for the already tired ragtag group of backpackers who felt like those trails would last forever. With a little bit of help from Kenny (Ryba) they eventually reached their campsite in Jay, New York.”

DAY 2: Super Marcy 5

“They woke up tired from the day before but they were still looking forward to their ascent of Whiteface Mountain. As they trekked through Wilmington, they started to near the base of Marble Mountain. If you asked any of the hikers on this trip, they would say this is the worst part of the hike because of all of its elevation gain in only 1 mile. This caused it to be very, very steep. The hikers stayed resilient through, and powered through with good time. From then on it was a breeze to the top of Whiteface, where the fatigued hikers took a long break knowing that they only had about 2.5 miles left until they spent the night at Whiteface brook lean-to. Once they reached the campsite, they devoured their much needed supper of Campbell’s Soup. They slept delightfully.”


DAY 3:

Super Marcy 3“This was the day everybody was looking forward to. They walked to Whiteface landing on Lake Placid. Captain Marney arrived with his boat exactly at 7:30am on the dot, ready to take the hikers across Lake Placid. After the boat ride they walked through downtown Lake Placid gaining looks from everybody in town, (possible gawking at the state of the hikers’ appearance after two nights in the backcountry!) But the hikers did not mind: they were excited for the meal at the Diner. When they reached the Diner it was ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!

Super Marcy 2

Pancakes, and eggs, and toast, and bacon…nobody’s stomach was big enough! After eating they went to the house of Kevin Quinn, one of the hikers who only lived an extra mile away from the usual route, for a swim. At this pit-stop they ate even more, and played some Xbox 360. Later in the day as they were turning onto the Loj Road, a forest ranger saw them and realized that they had 2 people over the allowed limit for an overnight and threatened to fine a hefty ticket. The only way to avoid it was to split up and camp at 2 different campsites a mile apart. Even with this new burden, spirits remained high in anticipation of the final ascent of Marcy the next day.”


Super Marcy 4DAY 4:

“The campers woke up at 4am but didn’t leave the campsite until 6:20am. They used this disadvantage of lost time to motivate them and they crushed it to Marcy Dam. From then on it was only 5.2 miles to the top of the mountain. When they reached the clearing .6 miles from the top they were inspired to a level like never before to FINISH THIS HIKE! At the top they were filled with a great joy. People say the sky is the limit…and that’s where they were! They could see the hole in the cloud that the mountain cut into the mist. From then on to the Garden they told themselves that they were so close to being done with this hike, and each step closer they took was closer to the pie that Kenny would be buying them at the Noonmark Diner in Keene Valley. When they finally got to the Garden and Kenny drove them to the Diner, the pie was the greatest thing they ever tasted!”

Super Marcy 6

SuperMarcy Expedition Group #3 on the summit of Marcy


And so ended SuperMarcy trip #3 (August 2014, D.P.)



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