Know Thyself: The Oracle at Delphi

DSC_0252The 2014 Greek Games are off with a spooky start, thanks to last night’s visit to the Oracle at Delphi.  Campers entered the sacred forest ruins to await the arrival of the Oracle who would deliver the prophecy of identity, assigning each new camper (or, “refugee”) to his or her city-state.

“I really loved the Oracle at Delphi….it was SO intense!” remarked Walker C.  A veteran of Greek Games, he remarked, “I think they changed the naming ceremony a little…but I really liked it…the music and the dancing was cool.  It was even better this year!”

The evening was presided over by the Philosophers who gave an historical account of Greek Games and the events that will unfold in the next week.

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The mortals of Argos, Sparta, Athens, and Troy wondered DSC_0279who would be joining their ranks and waited in suspense as each new camper was called forth to the ancient fire circle, and painted with the color of their city state.  While the philosophers provided translation of the Oracle’s prophecy, Gods and Heroes, clad in costume and togas, presided over the event.

DSC_0165A central theme to the annual Greek Games is to work as a team with your city state, as no one person can achieve victory on their own.  Friends and family are often pitted against each other in the course of the (friendly) competition and festivities.  “My brother is a new camper this year.  I was sort of bummed that he got assigned to a different city-state from me…but that will keep it interesting.” says Olivia C.

Campers left the ruins of Delphi last night with great anticipation of the Greek events to come in the following days:  The Trojan War, The Odyssey, The Peloponnesian War, and of course the final Greek Feast (a camper favorite!)

Which city-state will come out on top?  Stay tuned for more coverage and photos in the coming days!  (SEE CAMPER CITY-STATE ASSIGNMENTS)




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