Trip Report: Super Marcy #2

2014 SUPER MARCY #2: Trip Report


Super Marcy #2: Tatym, Jaida, Hannah, Jenna, Elizabeth, Isabel (Counselors Andi and Grace)

The third all-girls Super Marcy trip in the history of camp returned from their four day trip Thursday afternoon.  The campers on the hike collaborated to file this report.

Day 1: We woke up bright and early and were headed down Reber Road by 7:30. Less than a few hours into the trip we found ourselves hopelessly lost around (Interstate) 87, across from Pok-O-Moonshine Mountain. We backtracked a few miles to find we had made a wrong turn at the first fork. After this slight detour, we were back on track and feeling determined to finish the 25-mile day.

We kept up a good pace and encouraged each other up the steep dirt roads towards Jay, and our final destination. With sore feet and empty stomachs, we gladly accepted burgers at Helen’s house, cooked by Erin and Tommy.

Day 2: After a well-deserved night’s rest, we started the five-mile trek to the base of Whiteface. As we passed throughgirls13 the town of Wilmington, we looked apprehensively at the giant peak looming in the distance. None of us had aver “full packed” a 46er before, and Whiteface is a tough climb even with light day packs. We started up (preliminary ridge) Marble Mountain with determination, but soon realized how difficult it would be.

We powered through and were greeted at the summit of Whiteface with a feast of fruit, cookies, brownies and Gatorade. The weather and view were perfect, and the walk down Whiteface was infinitely easier than the trek up. We went to bed, proud of our accomplishments, and excited for the next day.

girls15Day 3
:  We left our leanto and walked one mile to wait for the boat across Lake Placid.  We were able to sit and enjoy the view for over an hour.  Then, the boat came and Capt. Marty took us to Main Street in Lake Placid.  We walked through town and stopped at the Downtown Diner, where we enjoyed pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, and milkshakes.

We then continued to Adirondack Lodge Road, where we found a beautiful spot to take selfies with Tella, the C.I.T. cow.  We continued on the Adirondack Lodge Road for several miles, listening to music and dancing along the way.  We arrived at South Meadow in the late afternoon and ate lunch, well also restocking our supplies for our final night and day in the woods.  We decided to keep hiking to get a head start on Marcy for the following day, and wound up sleeping at a campsite several miles closer to the summit of Marcy.  We went to bed early that night, nervous but excited for our last climb the next morning.girls14

Day 4:  We woke up very early (3:00 AM) and ate a quick breakfast, packed up all of our stuff, then started our ascent up Marcy in the dark.  Everyone was in a good mood for the hike, and as we gained elevation we got more excited than ever.  As we got on the rocks close to the top of Marcy, we were greeted by freezing cold winds surrounded by thick clouds.

We formed a tunnel for Isabel to run through to finish her 46 at 8:36:46.  She was given a small bottle of Nutella in place of baby food.  Due to the cruddy weather, we were unable to sgirls18tay at the top of Marcy for very long, but we celebrated when we had reached a warmer and safer spot at the junction.  Isabel was the first person to ever finish (her 46ers) on super Marcy and we were unbelievably proud of her.

We started our climate down Marcie experiencing scattered showers and thunder, so we went down as fast as we could.  When we reached the last mile of our hike, Kenny, Kate and Lucy surprised us on the trail.  When we got a glimpse of the parking lot through the trees, we all ran together the last leg of our magnificent journey.

We felt so accomplished and proud of what we had succeeded in doing.  We celebrated with Noonmark Diner pies and were greeted by all of our friends.  As soon as we got back to camp, Isabel was given her baby food and ate almost all of it.  The trip was an incredible experience that none of us will ever forget!

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