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isabel2Pok-O-MacCready’s two greatest hiking traditions, climbing the 46 and Super Marcy, came together Thursday morning at 8:36. When C.I.T. Isabel A reached the summit of Mount Marcy, she not only completed (along with her friends) a 50+ mile trek from camp to New York’s highest point, she also finished her six year quest to climb all of the high peaks in the Adirondacks.

Finishing the 46 on a Super Marcy trip is believed to be a Pok-O first.  And because of this, Isabel’s finish was much different from most camp 46er celebrations.  “It was freezing cold and cloudy; we celebrated for a split second and then went down.”

In fact, the traditional jar of baby food was even put on hold. “Because this was not a ‘normal’ hike, we didn’t bring much.  I had a little Nutella, but we did pick up some baby food on the way back to camp.  It was Zucchini and Apple isabel3flavored and it was actually pretty good!”

When Isabel climbed her first 46er, Sawteeth, in 2008, she “absolutely hated it!  Then, the next year I hiked two more mountains and absolutely hated it!”

It wasn’t until her third year at camp when “I was climbing the Dix range and had such a great time that I sat on the top of the last mountain of the day and decided I wanted to do all 46. Because I had fallen in love with the mountains!”

CLICK HERE to see a video of the 46er finish and ead more about the Super Marcy / finishing climb HERE.


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