Class Profile: Rock Climbing

CruxLogoOfficial_MovemberWhile the sun is always shining in the skies above, many campers are enjoying the cool of the Crux.  Cool, as in temperature, as well as the radness of technical climbing.

RockClimb04Pok-O-MacCready’s indoor climbing facilities, The Crux, operates year round, but in the summer it caters exclusively to campers honing their climbing skills.  “I love being able to challenge myself as I climb,” says Elrick, “and feeling accomplished when you finally reach the top.”

Evan Knight serves as camp’s full-time climbing specialist and lead instructor.  “Seeing the kids climb is obviously the best.  Although my favorite thing that happened this summer is when I stripped the bouldering cave and let the kids choose the the holds and make their own routes and challenges.”

Knight leads the campers through climbing techniques, as well as the many important safety rules and practices RockClimb09associated with this sport.  He is assisted by an enthusiastic staff of counselors.  “I like teaching this class because it’s cool to see the kids persevere, try new things, and stay interested in climbing,” says first-year counselor Marin Wilson.

“The Crux is awesome because you can climb around, and be with your friends here,” says Stuart, while Charlie O best likes the part following the climb:  “Going down is really fun.”

Along with indoor climbing in this modern facility, the kids have had a few chances to head into the field and test some real Adirondack rocks.  Like virtually all activities at camp, rock climbing class is designed to teach campers skills and, more importantly, lessons they will be able to take home with them.

“The best part about the class is overcoming your expectations. sums up Josh A.  “Like, I never thought that I would be able to climb a 40-foot wall, but I did!”


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