Big Fish

bass1Annie O may have only been at camp for a little over a week, but she’s already making a big splash.

None bigger than the splash made by a three pound fish that Annie reeled out of Long Pond earlier this week.  Or should we say, tried to reel in.  “I knew it was big because I couldn’t reel it in alone.  It felt like my hand would fall off so, in the end Dylan helped me.”

Dylan Bronstein, one of the fishing instructors at camp, called the bass “one of the biggest caught by a camper this summer, for sure.”  And Annie, who fishes a little at a pond at home in Connecticut, says she didn’t really have to work hard to land the prize.  “I used a little green fake worm and cast out maybe five feet.  It was right next to the boat!”

Fishing at Pok-O-MacCready means utilizing the “catch and release” policy, so Annie had just enough time to pose for these pictures before sending her new friend back to its aquatic home.

bass3          bass2


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