Trip Report: Super Marcy #1

Following in the footsteps of campers and staff from a century before, the Advanced Section completed the Super Marcy – a 60-mile hike from camp to Mt. Marcy – on Wednesday afternoon.  The following report was filed by the campers.

ADV05    SMleave

Day 1: We left at dawn, hoping to put Pok-O-Moonshine as far behind us as we could before anybody knew we were gone. We, of course, consisting of Chris B, Jeremy C, Harrison C, James D, Connor G, Alec G, Zach H, James J, ADV04Greg P, Patrick Q; our counselors, Andrew Gonzalez and Tyler Downey; our trusty gnome; and Marvin, the pink flamingo.

We proceeded through the early miles of the first day, we were prompted on our way with our shaky renditions of Beyonce and Kei$ha. Several hours, a couple of blisters, and a mystery camp called Neways later, we arrived at our first landmark: Vaughn’s Corner Store. The day logged on, and although we were visited by a few woodland critters – a super sneaky wolf, a fox, alpacas after passing Jay, and several visits by ADV’s own resident chipmunk, Esteban – the majority of the time belonged to us alone. Well, and for Kenny to take “authentic” pictures of us and lead us to our first campsite of the trip; A nice and cozy backyard in the town of Jay.

Day 2: Packing up camp as quietly as we could so as not to disturb our campsite’s owners, we sucked up the poolsoreness… pretty much everywhere, and set off for Wilmington. This was about the point where we began to grow used to the packs on our backs, the blisters on our feet, and the somewhat daunting number of miles ahead of us. Because before you could say “ethnically diverse garden gnomes”, we were through Wilmington, past Santa’s Workshop, and at the base of Whiteface’s reservoir trail.

Hiking the mountain in full packs wasn’t exactly easy, but it wasn’t long before we had pounded out Esther on the side, and crested the rocks to the observatory. What a site it was! Well, it was probably an interesting site for the casual observers at the top, seeing a bedraggled group of teenage boys in short shorts, with a garden gnome, and a flamingo. But, for us we saw faintly the direction we had come from, and we could see distinctly, in the background, our final objective: Marcy. So, on we went to our next campsite, met only by the roughness of our descent, and by a couple of foreigners seriously lost on the way to the gondola.


Day 3: As somewhat of a change of pace, we were not met with a morning of heavy hiking, but rather a leisurely ADV06pontoon ride through Lake Placid. And then after a little futzing around through town, we arrived at the Downtown Diner for breakfast. Needless to say, we ate our fill, but we weren’t quite through with the day’s recreations yet. So, with a little dialogue between Patrick, his parents, and the counselors, we took a brief detour in the Quinn’s backyard with a little swimming/morale boosting. I mean, if you work hard, you should get to play hard, right?

The rest of the afternoon was spent traveling over to our next campsite at South Meadows, and getting ready for the final day of the trip. Yes, we were still a bit tired and hurt from the previous days of work, but we were all extremely excited and ready to finally do what we had set out to do.


Day 4: Our excitement was not dampened by a few hours of sleep, and when we gotADV10 up to get ready (very early!) in the morning, everybody was fired up and focused. I remember very little about the hike over to Marcy, or even the first parts of the ascent; it all passed by very quickly. What I do remember thinking, as we approached the mountain lit with only by our headlamps, was about how I was reluctant to get to the top. All of us wanted to reach the top, but we didn’t want the trip to be over just yet.

We did end up reaching the top at a very cloudy and windy moment, but as we all celebrated and reflected on the trip, the clouds blue by for just a moment. Yet, in that moment we all got a glimpse of what was below us, of the Adirondacks; and what we had done and what was still left to do. And in that moment we gained the deepest satisfaction and what we had done.

Yes it was cold and we were wet and dirty and sore, but we had accomplished what we set out to do. We walked from camp all the way to Mount Marcy, the roof of New York, and we had had a pretty darn good time doing it.

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