Class Profile: Archery

arch01While Pok-O-MacCready may boast some unique classes and acitivities – Homesteading, blacksmithing and pottery to name a few – camp hardly turns it’s back on traditional summer favorites.

One such class is archery, one of the largest attended activity at camp.  Using their bow of choice, and proper fit, kids shoot at targets, eventually graduating to greater distances and higher levels.  Along the way, they can win awards, all while having a great time.

“Archery is fun because you get to shoot”  – Alberto

“I like archery because it makes me feel like Katniss and it is great when you hilt the target.”  –Molly S

“Archery is a great class,” says instructor Alyssa Deem, “because it is a very individual sport that allows the kids to make adjustments and solve issues regarding aiming on their own, with little instruction.  We help them when they need it, but it’s up to them to make progress, and they do improve very quickly!”

“I’m workingarch06 on becoming a 30 harder, which is exciting since at 30 yards you can use different bows.”  Dan S

“I’m really looking forward to shooting from 30 yards, but shooting from 20 yards is great because you can shoot strong bows and aim right at the target, instead of aiming up like you would from 30.”  – Theo

“Archery is fun because you get to shoot arrows with bows, and practice, and get better at it!”  –Isaac


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