Ten Grand for a Piece of Candy!

The casino doors opened14casino10 at approximately 7:30 Monday night, allowing campers to try their skill, or test their luck in a slew of high stakes games.  Casino Night options included poker, Black Jack; Roulette; craps; mini-putt; horse races; and a stock market.

Jackson was one camper who certainly knew the trick to enjoying14casino02 oneself at the casino.  “It was good.  I liked Black Jack.  I won a lot of money.”

Brandon F had a similar take, in reporting “I liked Roulette.  I won a ton of money!”

Nora W was not as direct.  “I think I enjoyed seeing all the games, as well as getting dressed up.”


Casino Bandits

Aside from the gaming, their was plenty to eat, with a full service counter, along with wait staff delivering food to the tables.  “I liked the food, especially the cookies,” said Alejandro.

And while Prisca also liked eating, she had a small complaint with the establishment.  “My favorite was the candy, but it was ten-thousand dollars for one piece.”

Perhaps due to the high cost of food, or maybe because there was constantly the threat of cheaters, robbers and other crooks (too much for the Sheriff and Deputy to handle on their own), the casino had to close for business at approximately 9:03pm.  A sign on the locked door informed folks that they expect to reopen on August 3, 2015.




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