Taking the Show on the Road

ausableshow09The summer’s third horse show, and first of the second session took place Sunday at Willow Hill Farm in Clintonville, NY.  The Ausable Horse Show pit the MacCready girls against one another in classes, as well as in competition with riders who specialize in equestrian.  This makes the experience, for Pok-O-MacCready’s riders, both challenging and rewarding.

For Annie O, riding in a horse show was a first.  “I had only ridden three times before, never in a show.  I wish I had a bit more riding time because I would have done better, but I think I did pretty well, and it was fun to do!”

Despite being a veteran of camp, and Willow Hill shows, Leah B still feels the competitive juices flowing.  “I moved up a class – into walk-trot-canter – so I was nervous before I started.  Then, once we started, I felt better because (fellow camper) Remi supported me.

Remi went on to win the class, one of five MacCready girls to take blue ribbons (see full results here).  She was ausableshow03joined by Nora, Nina, Sophie and Katya.

While not winning blue, Claire B still put in an inspired performance.  “I was on a difficult horse but, as we went, I learned it is possible to control a tough horse.  So, I did pretty well and later got a chance to switch horses.”

In her final show as a MacCready rider, Hannah Ba. took two seconds and a third in the event’s most prestigious jumping class, Novice Hunter.

The competitive horse show schedule wraps up next Sunday, with the 48th annual Big MacCready horse show.

(Check out the gallery below, and see more about the Pok-O-MacCready riding program HERE)


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