After War Comes Peace… and Love


“It was really fun 14Palooza09and very colorful.”  –McKenna

The 110th annual Pok-O Palooza provided the perfect juxtaposition to a day filled with war at camp.

Kicking the festival off was a Pizza Slam, with slices of all flavors and varieties.  “I really liked the SPAM pizza, it was a cool kind of combination,” said a satisfied Wyatt.

The entertainment and attraction got under way while campers were still eating.  Among this year’s lineup:  Making bead jewelry; blowing bubbles; live music and sing-a-longs led by the band Sea Bass and the Northern Pike; Pok-O Soul Mates; face painting; tattoo parlor; fortune telling; love letters and their natural spinoff: a marriage booth.  “It was really fun.  I really loved the marrying thing, and when we got to send love letters,”  said Tor.

14Palooza14   14Palooza13

Christian enjoyed testing his physical abilities.  “I climbed up thirteen crates.  I think that was the highest.  I was trying hard to keep my balance.”

It began to drizzle shortly after the Palooza began, which turned into steady rainfall, and only added to the Woodstock-like atmosphere.  Not to worry, on the indoor stage, a performance took place featuring professional jugglers and acrobats.  “The acrobats were very good, very flexible,” said Annie.  “I especially liked when the girl stood on the guy’s head and juggled and jumped off.”


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