Meanwhile, 202 Years Ago…

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In 1812, Americans did not have grocery stores or malls to purchase their food, clothing and goods.  They provided for all of thhomestead04eir needs on their own.

That’s the basic principle taught, and practiced at Pok-O-MacCready’s 1812 Homestead, a farm and museum that has been operating for over 40 years.  Campers (along with school groups during the rest of the year) visit the homestead to learn about 19th century living, as well as practice what the homesteaders themselves did as a way of life.  “The campers get to spend time outside, and learn the basics about cooking and existing in a natural setting,” said Blythe Czaja, who has served as the year round director of the Homestead since 2012.

There’s a farm house, a schoolhouse, workshops and many other facilities.  Then, there are the animals.  “I love to play with the chickens,” said Remi.  That’s the best part of the Homestead!”

“I like homestead (class) a lot,” said Christian.  “Animals intriguehomestead03 me.”

One reason the animals are so popular is that they enjoy the campers as much as the kids enjoy them.  “These animals (pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, quail, and oxen, ahomestead05t various times) are, at a young age, used to being with the kids, and they don’t mind at all,” said Czaja.

“The animals are cute,” reports McKenna C, “also, we make good food, and we get to tell ghost stories in the upstairs, which is super creepy!”

“A typical class,” says Sophie P, “is spending time with animals, and then we make some food or something else we can use.”  Among the something else are garden yield; shingles and other building materials; clothing material; and household goods. “We make soap, butter, jam, and it’s lots of fun,” claims Eve L.  “It’s super natural and totally awesome.”

For Pok-O-MacCready, having this special program is certainly in line with camp’s philosophy.  “Homestead obviously teaches kids important skills,” says instructor Darcie Shofner, “while letting them explore many things, in nature.”


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