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110th Reunion Check-In and Schedule Information

REGISTRATION: A registration kiosk will be set up at JeanMart (outside Robinson Hall). Please check-in upon arrival at camp. Registration hours: Wed. (8/20): 2:00 – 8:00pm Thur. (8/21): 8-10am; 12-2pm; 5-8pm Fri. (8/21): 8-10am; 12-2pm; 5-8pm Sat. (8/23):8-10am; 5-7pm * If you arrive at camp during non-registration

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Farewell Fine Campers

   We always thought that those days would last And how we spent the whole night saying goodbye Saying goodbye like it was the last time From the song “Saying Goodbye”, by Every Avenue CAMP IS: Sofia:  “The place to be” Lili:  “A second home” Emma:  “Incomparable”

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Three-Time Champion

    Two days after Adam became Pok-O-MacCready’s first ever three-time tennis champion, Alec pulled off the same accomplishment on the water, in capturing the 110th annual Jack’s Cup Regatta, which took place in chilly conditions on Long Pond Friday morning. Alec teamed up with Chris B for

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Another Day; Another 46er

Pok-O-MacCready’s 2014 Wilderness season ended in high style Friday, high atop Phelps Mountain, where C.I.T. camper Hannah B completed her Adirondack Forty-Sixers. Hannah was joined by a group of friends, along with her sister, brother and father.  “It was a cloudy day, but it was so much

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Night of Honors

A full camp session of classes, activities, hikes and camaraderie was recognized Thursday evening at the 110th annual Pok-O-Moonshine banquet. While the girl’s banquet, held Wednesday, placed an emphasis on beauty and emotion, the boy’s event was unique in it’s humor and originality.  In a role reversal

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Greg Does It Wright

ADV Camper Greg P completed his Adirondack Forty-Sixers Thursday morning on a cloudy, cool day on Wright Peak.  He was joined by several of his friends from Advanced Section and C.I.T. The summit celebration included two different choices of baby food:  Macaroni & Beef and Apple Sauce. 

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Ask the Campers (8/14)

What was your favorite day at camp this summer?  

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Double Bagel

   In a tournament that even the champion admitted was lacking anything resembling drama, Adam D (above, left) captured the Pok-O Open tennis championship in straight sets Wednesday morning at the Pok-O Plex® sports complex. “There’s not a whole lot I can say about it,” said Adam

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So Many Candles; So Many Tears

    Camp MacCready’s session #2 banquet and awards ceremony took place Wednesday and in a beautiful tradition reserved exclusively for the girls camp, each banquet concludes with a candle ceremony.  Every camper receives a candle, lit by their counselors. Following group renditions of some of camp’s more

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Award Season

Camp MacCready’s Session #2 banquet was held Wednesday evening. 2014 marks the first time that a separate banquet was held for each session.  Some of the players may have been different, but the game was the same as awards were given out for class/activity participation, performance and

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Troy Wins Greek Games!

     City-State Troy scored a relatively easy victory at the 2014 Greek Games, winning three of the four competitions while finishing second in the other. The announcement was made by the Oracle (above, right) Tuesday evening at Delphi.  Troy’s victory was somewhat expected, given the team’s success

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The Greek Feast: A Gallery

While Greek Games has been part of the Pok-O-MacCready summer calendar for less than a decade, the Greek Feast has been on the program for 30 years.  The feast now serves as the closing celebration for Greek Games, and features good food, good entertainment, and great outfits.

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Greek Games: Day #2 Events

The Odyssey: Like Homer’s epic tale, the participants in Tuesday morning’s Greek Games Odyssey had to travel far and wide, performing feats brave, daring and challenging, in order to find their way home. Troy took first place in the quest, on their way to a successful day that

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The Trojan War

Campers from the four City-States barely had time to recover from Monday afternoon’s Olympiad before heading back into competition at the 110th annual Greek Games Trojan War. The Trojan War is based on the camp game Black Line, which itself is a creative derivative of the ubiquitous

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Let the Games Begin

2014 Greek Games opened up Monday afternoon with a brand new event:  The Olympiad.  For a first time endeavor, the event got mostly positive reviews from the athletes of Argos, Athens, Sparta and Troy.  “It worked out pretty good for a first time,” voiced Brandon H. “I

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