“Class Act” Drama Class Performance…

drama summer camp programRobinson Hall received a treat of a performance last night: an improvisational skit and a one-act play put on by the campers in the Drama Class.

The improvisational skit involved a game show called “Mystery Date”, where contestants (the actors) impersonated a “Camp Celebrity” and answered questions regarding their interests, hobbies, and personality while the guest on the show tried to figure out who the mystery contestants were impersonating.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… DSC_0089

The one-act play took place in the Wild West…complete with cameo appearances by camp staff and plenty of audience participation. “Bonnie’s Restaurant” was a front for an illegal candy operation, and a tableau of many famous (or, infamous?) characters. There were jokes, suspense, and a Wild West showdown…but of course, the good guys always win!

Well done to the following campers for their stellar performances!


“Mystery Date” Improv:  Willow H., Elsa G.

“The Wild West”:  Alli C., Abe K., Lizzy C., Melanie H., Sienna G., Dan S. Samantha R.



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