Class Profile: Conditioning

At camp, kids are on condition12the move all day.  Swimming… sports… hiking.  But there’s no rest for the weary, as several dozen campers also choose to take conditioning class, a high-energy cardiovascular workout.

“We offer class every day,” said instructor Ken Herz.  “Some kids take it every period, while others alternate days.”

With assistance from a video, the class is led through a series of hard core drills.  “I love the cardio abs workout.  It is the best one,” according to Emma R, while Katie M adds, “I like how there’s a stretching cool down in the middle of the workout, to break it up.”

“We do different workouts each time, to cycle cycle through the program, and each one is a new challenge,” says Greg P.

First year counselor Grace leads the class, along with Herz.  “I condition08love teaching this class because I like getting a workout every day, moving around in the morning, and seeing all the kids really get into it.”

Maddie L:  “I have Insanity every day and it definitely makes you feel accomplished.”

Different forms of weight and conditioning classes have been taught at camp over the past quarter-century but, according to Herz, involvement in this class has never been more critical than it is now.  “In age where kids are lazy and obese, or just too sedentary in general, working out is great physical pursuit, not to mention a great mental outlet as well.”







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